It works if you work it” is something I often heard a wise spiritual teacher of mine say many years ago.  What does this have to do with a Facebook ad coupon you might ask?

Well, it’s a simple but powerful statement that underscores the importance of actually applying all of the strategies and techniques we study to help improve our lives and businesses.  At some point we have to come out of our meditation, put the books down, stop researching and start applying what we’ve learned.

That’s why I think “Work it Wednesday” is such an appropriate theme for my Wednesday Practical Techniques series.  Here I’d like to share tips, ideas, products and services that I think will be useful as you develop and grow your business.  I won’t necessarily post these every Wednesday, but I’ll post them as the inspiration hits me.

Many of these ideas will be based on my own personal experience and usage and some will just be cool things I’ve discovered and want to share with you.

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So here’s the “Work it Wednesday” tip:

I’ve been researching Facebook as a marketing platform and I am about to embark on placing my first Facebook ad – very cool.   Apparently, the cost of these ads is much lower than Google ads and the demographic targeting is superb. 

As I’m always looking for a deal, I heard about a Facebook ad coupon that’s located in the latest edition of Entrepreneur magazine, so I ran out to buy a copy and voila – there it was!  I haven’t placed the ad yet, so I’m not exactly certain of the coupon’s value, but I believe it’s for a $50 credit on new account ads and it’s good until October 31st. 

So if you’re thinking of giving Facebook ads a shot, go grab a copy of Entrepreneur magazine and save yourself 50 bucks!

Happy Wednesday and Work It!


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p.s.  I was curious about whether my teacher coined the phrase “it works if you work it,” so I did a quick Google search.  I discovered that it’s a popular slogan for alcoholics anonymous – interesting. 

FYI – I’m not, nor have I ever been an alcoholic (in fact I don’t even drink), but I can see how this saying would be helpful to those battling this addiction.  I’ve actually helped someone very close to me overcome alcohol and drug addiction by teaching them many of the core techniques I write about in this blog and teach in my Quantum Business Breakthrough Training Program, so I know this stuff works. 

If someone can utilize these techniques to overcome many years of a debilitating addiction, surely we can apply them to grow our businesses – piece of cake. 

What one thing can you do today that will propel your business forward?   Share it in the Comments area below.

Written by quantumbizadmin

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