O.K., you are clearly not a dummy – I don’t know too many “dummies” who would find this topic even remotely interesting. What I’d like to do with this Quantum Physics for Dummies article is highlight a few of the basic Quantum Physics concepts and supporting experiments that can be applied to achieving business success.

1. It’s All Energy

Let’s start with a very basic definition which states that Quantum Physics is the study of how energy and matter react at the smallest microscopic and molecular levels. It was once believed that atoms were the smallest building blocks of all matter (including our bodies.) You may also recall from your high school science class that atoms are mostly made up of space (a nucleus containing protons and neutrons, all orbited by electrons bouncing around.) But scientists have since discovered that these atoms can be broken down even further into smaller sub-atomic particles – enter Quantum Physics. 

So now we have our foundation. Everything is made up of these small sub-atomic particles – which happen to consist mostly of space.  These particles/energy, are everywhere, evenly present.

Things get really interesting when we delve into what scientists have come to learn about the many characteristics of these particles, which leads to core concept number 2.

2. Our Observation Affects Outcome

Various experiments have demonstrated this amazing phenomenon – that the observation of an event has a direct impact on the outcome.  Basically, we can’t observe something without influencing the outcome.  Without getting unnecessarily technical, in one experiment called the Double-Slit Experiment, subatomic particles materialized as either particles or waves based on the observer.  Check out the animated video below for a simple overview of this experiment:

The implications of this principle are mind-boggling and can be directly applied to our daily lives as entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, your observations are affecting the outcomes in your business and in your life.  Therefore, the old adage of viewing the glass as half-full or half-empty has more reality behind it than fiction. Changing the way you view a situation will have a direct effect on the outcome – so are you labeling your current situations as challenges or opportunities?

3. Quantum Potential

The third principle of Quantum Physics I’d like to highlight takes this concept of everything consisting of sub-atomic particles even further.

Based on experiments demonstrating that particles can appear to be communicating instantaneously, scientist David Bohm proposed that the separateness of particles is merely an illusion.  He concluded that the particles are not communicating, but are in fact parts of the same whole.

The practical application of this theory is powerful. If everything already potentially exists in the universe at the quantum level, it then just becomes a matter of manifesting this potential materially.  As I highlighted in the second principle above, this materialization is made possible via our observation and focus.

As you can see, at its core, the concepts of Quantum Physics really are quite elegant and simple.  Everything is made up of the same sub-atomic particles and we have the power to influence those particles (i.e. space, energy) with our observation (i.e. thoughts, feelings and actions.)  So the glass really is half full or half empty based on your observation and you have more control over your business success and life than you’ve ever imagined possible!

Did a light bulb come on for you?  How could you apply this scientific evidence to improving your business?  Please share it with the community below.

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