Affirmations for Work can Shift your Energy

Affirmations for Work

Affirmations for Work

Monday’s can often be a bit overwhelming when we think of all that needs to get accomplished during the week.  Affirmations for Work can come in very handy sometimes.  Whether you are self-employed, running a small business or still working a 9 to 5, we all need a little extra something to get our engines revved up sometimes.

I’d like to share an interesting story with you about the turning point in my life when I knew it was time to quit my job and take the entrepreneurial plunge.  I offer this story because you may be having some of the same challenges and these affirmations for work might help you as well.

Loving Work

I was working in commercial banking at a fairly large regional bank.  For the first few years on the job, I absolutely loved it – I was learning a lot and I could see the results of my efforts.  Working long hours and over the weekend was something I didn’t mind doing on a regular basis.

I worked in that job for 5 years and the last two were not so fun.  The learning curve had flattened out for me and I grew weary of the monotony and red tape.  I used to walk around the office jokingly asking my friends to just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Hating Work

Things got so bad that I had to find a way to prepare myself each morning for the day ahead of me.  And this is where the affirmations for work came into play.

Sometimes I took public transportation to work and sometimes I took a cab because I just couldn’t pull it together in the mornings.  It was during this short 20 – 30 minute commute that I would do my prayers and affirmations to get my head in the game.

Getting Centered

I would try to close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and get centered.  Next, I would start to repeat positive statements to myself such as:

  • I’m thankful I have employment, because so many others do not
  • Everything is in Divine Order and this too shall pass
  • Today is a new day and I can choose to make of it what I will
  • Today will be a good day, in fact — Today IS a Good Day

The specific affirmations of course would change from day to day.  But by the time I arrived at my job, I was usually in a much better state of mind which allowed me to work more effectively.

Affirmations can Increase your Productivity

Whether you love or hate your work, affirmations can have a tremendous impact on your mindset and subsequent productivity, so I encourage you to give them a try.  It only requires a few minutes of focus, but the results can last throughout the entire day.  Taking the time to practice a technique such as this will definitely be beneficial in your work and business.

The less time you spend in a negative, unproductive state equals more time and mental energy you will have available to pursue your business goals and achieve the quantum leap results you desire.  So give it a Shot!

What are some affirmations for work that might be beneficial for you?  Please share them below in the Comments.

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